Getting here…

Shannon airport is most direct to Ennis – only 20 mins
If you can’t source a direct flight to Shannon please note there are very cheap connections from London to Shannon (see Ryanair or Aer Lingus) – also from USA to Shannon!

Bus from Limerick train & bus station or Shannon airport to Ennis bus station, can be booked online and costs about € 7 if you book in advance – check that you get the Expressway option as less stops and gets you in to Ennis faster!

Another bus option (NOTE you need to walk in to town from Limerick bus / train station – about a 10 mins walk to pick up this bus)

Going from Limerick City centre – Authur’s Quay to Ennis Friary bus park
Book on line and its € 5

If traveling to Ennis from Dublin there are options:

Note: Direct bus from Airport is the quickest – trains are not as efficient!

Also note Limerick city is only about a 25/30 mins drive from Ennis

 A bus option direct from Airport to Ennis – € 20 if you book online or € 25 on the day…/dublin-coach-journey-planner.p…

If you take taxi / bus from Dublin Airport into city – Heuston train station ( from the airport can take 35 mins but in traffic could be an hour + depending on time of day!) there are trains pretty often to Ennis – If you book online costs is about € 12 – € 14…/dublin-limk-ennis_valid_from_20.1…

Another bus option from Dublin Airport to Limerick bus station

the X 12 bus from Dublin Airport(Atrium Rd Zone10 Stop2) to Limerick train station – about € 15/€16 euro if you book online

Full registration includes shuttle transportation where needed on the days of EAM 12th – 14th. Most accommodation and venues we are using are all within minutes walking distance of each other apart from two where it’s a 5-minute drive to one and just under 10 minutes to the other. We do not recommend the use of a rental car for these days – its not necessary (unless you have friends or family not participating in EAM schedule and staying at one of the two hotels slight further from centre of Ennis) and you will just be paying to park the car (if you can find parking!) Its very much a small, narrow walking street centre and limited parking in town.