Getting here....

The airport to fly to is Helsinki-Vantaa airport. That’s where most of the international flights fly to in Finland. Some very rare cities in Europe have budget flights to Tampere, if you are willing to take two hour train ride and multiple public transportation connections on your own from there. 

Of course some might also be traveling to Helsinki by boat from Tallinn Estonia, Stockholm Sweden or Travemünde Germany. The following advice goes for you too. There are public transportation going from the harbors too both inside Helsinki and from Turku/Åbo and you can ask our tEAM for personal advice if needed. 

From the airport to the Hotel Korpilampi the best options is to take a taxi when you arrive. The taxi rate for the 20 kilometer distance is about 40-50€ for 1-4 passangers in a car. For a minibus/van size taxi for 4-8 passangers the price ranges from 50-70€. Sharing a ride makes it a good deal.  (The taxi fares Airport – Helsinki downtown are about the same too, if you prefer that to the train.)

If you decide to stay in Helsinki for the Pre-EAM days until Friday, your cheaper option from the airport to downtown Helsinki is the local train I or P. (There are no other train connections at the airport.) Both I and P trains go to the main railway station in Helsinki (päärautatieasema) but just different direction on the loop route. Hop on a train and leave at the final stop about 25 minutes later. 

Airport to downtown on public transportation requires ticket zones ABC (4,10€, valid for 90 minutes). The tickets are sold on ticket vending machines at the airport / station / harbor or you can download an HSL app for your mobile phone. More info about tickets here: 

If you are planning on moving around a lot on your own, you might want to buy a day ticket for the number of day’s of your stay (until Friday). Inside Helsinki zones AB are enough. But if you are planning on attending mostly pre-EAM tours, then walking around in Helsinki is very easy and you don’t even need any transportation during your stay. Just take a single ABC ticket as you arrive to get to your hotel. 

On Friday the 10th of June our EAM buses can take EVERYONE attending the EAM from downtown Helsinki and drive you to the Hotel Korpilampi.

Upon your return home on Sunday, your best option for getting to the airport from Korpilampi is sharing a taxi. We can provide sign up lists for sharing at the hotel. 

Helsinki tips for exploring on your own

Helsinki is an easy city to roam around on your own. Everything is near and people speak relatively good English – and then apologize for their poor English skills. Even though they are shy, you don’t need to be. Just ask when you need help, you are sure to find very helpful people to point you in the right direction.

There are city bikes for rent around Helsinki, if you want to get around faster or a bit further from the heart of the city.

Another popular way to get around is electric scooters. They are rented by 5 companies and paid with mobile phone apps.

Worth Seeing in no particular order:

Oodi central library / multiactivity center
Sky wheel / Allas Sea Pool
Flying cinema tour
Market Square and old market hall
Hakaniemi Market hall
Fazer Experience Visitor Centre / Vantaa
Design museum
Amos Rex art museum
Ateneum Finnish national gallery
Korkeasaari zoo
Temppeliaukio church (the rock church)
Helsinki Cathedral and senate square
Uspenski Cathedral (orthodox)
Bus tours Hop on Hop off
Linnanmäki amusement park
Suomenlinna fortress island 
Nuuksio reindeer farm (further out in Espoo)
Finnish Nature Centre Haltia (also further out in Espoo, close to reindeer farm)
Helsinki Day on Sunday June 12th offers lots of program in the city for free

You can find information about Helsinki sights and what not at or