Especially for EAM 2024 we have distilled our own gin. With a very accessible taste, this gin is a must have while entertaining. Mix it with a quality tonic and enjoy. This gin is made exclusive for us.

Profits of the gin sales go to HILDE SEVERINSEN-SANDNES’ project in Uganda.

Bottles are 500 ml and cost € 30 per bottle.

Every bottle will have the original EAM2024 ANTWERP logo on it, so it will be a nice souvenir to take home, and perfect to serve when you have castmates visiting you.

YOU CAN ORDER AS MANY BOTTLES AS YOU LIKE !!!!!!! see registration form.

For late and extra orders, send an email to suzywaterschoot @ BEFORE April 16th.

Marc’s fundraiser bike ride

On my way to the EAM 2024 in Antwerp – cycle along, support or host me!


I’m Mark from Switzerland and I travelled in Cast E 93. Ever since I was a teenager, I’m a passionate long- distance cyclist, for example I went from Switzerland to North Cap and in summer 2022, I spent four months pedaling all the way to Iran.

This year, I want to combine my passion with an UWP element: I going to cycle from Berne/Switzerland to Antwerp/Belgium where the EAM 2024 takes place in early May. For every kilometer I’m doing I will donate 1 Euro to the NGO Adina which is run by the Norwegian alumni Hilde Severinsen Sandnes. This way, roughly 800 Euros will be earned.

Do you want to be part of it! Open your home, fridge and surely your heart. In other words: Host me for a night on my way. The route will be set according to the invitations but as a general idea I’m hoping to hit these cities: Olten – Basel – Freiburg im Breisgau (or Colmar) – Strassburg – Saarbrücken – Luxembourg.

Once in Belgium, alumni shall tell me where to go and where to stop. So, I reach out for Swiss, German, French, Luxembourgish and Belgian alumni. If you feel like cycling along for an hour or while I’m leaving a town, you’re more than welcome. Or just donate a small amount to the NGO. The more alumni are somehow involved, the larger the coverage, the more money will be collected for Adina.

I will leave Berne around April, 22th and reach Antwerp May 5th, just in time for the pre EAM program.

How to get in touch with me:

– E-Mail: mark.balsiger @

– Facebook: Mark Balsiger

– Mobile: +41 79 696 97 02

More about myself:

Adina Foundation Uganda (AFU).

Since Adina Foundation Uganda (AFU) was registered as a local NGO in Uganda in 2009, I have taken great pleasure in being part of a team of dedicated people that have worked hard to give children with disabilities in Northern Uganda access to health- and rehabilitation services, education and livelihood support.

As a co-founder I have proudly witnessed AFU grow from a small local organization to a nationally acknowledged model organization – ready to expand and help even more children in the years to come.

Words cannot express the feeling of gratitude, motivation and strength you have given me through your support and engagement for our children at AFU since the Bergen EAM last year! And it doesn’t stop there!! A huge thank you to Mark, Suzy and the Antwerp team for wanting to continue to make dreams come true for so many! We are STRONGER TOGETHER!

We will spend our family vacation in Uganda around Easter this year, and we promise to bring great news and new stories to you in Antwerp in May! There are no better ways to make the world a better place than with Up with People friends!

Big hugs from

Hilde Severinsen Sandnes, Cast C91

More info on: