EAM Program

FRIDAY June 10th

We hope to see most of you on our Friday Pre-EAM program and gathering by the fireplace in Luukki. The best way to start the actual EAM weekend is to let everyone wash the smoke smell and sweat away in sauna.

There are three saunas in our use on Friday at the hotel Korpilampi. There will be instructions to which one you may attend by your gender and/or if you want to wear swimsuit or not. There is a 12m indoor pool, a small hot tub, hangout area by the pool and the dock to the pond for swimming outdoors.

Typical Finnish hangout evening offers you a buffet dinner and sauna in the order of your choice. The buffet will be open for 2-3 hours so there will be plenty of time for both. Enjoy meeting friends, making new ones and mingle!

Welcome to Korpilampi KIPPIS (toast) at 8PM.

SATURDAY June 11th

EAM meeting will be held in the auditorium between 9-12AM. The specifics of the schedule will be published upon your arrival. Lunch will be served in the main restaurant around noon.

Afternoon event is planned to take place outdoors on the other end of the Korpilampi pond at the beach and the surrounding area. There will be a variety of games and activities very typical for Finnish summer events or Mökki (summer house, cottage) vacations, so we’ll call them Mökki games. Sort of a midsummer simulator Finnish style.

Mökki games are really much more fun with sunshine, so let’s all hope that the weather will be nice for this one. We will have something else prepared in case of a pouring rain, hale or snow, like skiing. Just kidding. There are no skis for everyone, so you’ll have to settle for snow fight!

After afternoon coffee the schedule will be very relaxed. There might be some workshops, but they are still unconfirmed and will be available for small groups by sign up lists. The main saunas will be warm and open from 15-22 for all of the hotel guests to enjoy.

In the evening we will have a seated 3-course dinner in the main restaurant. The evening continues after the dinner downstairs in the bar where the party really takes off. Be ready for a fun night with possibly unexpected program, dancing, cooling down on a terrace, watching the sun slowly going down and if we are lucky the band will play. Yes, the best – the only – Up with People Survival Band, but only if we have enough party people in the house! So make sure your friends register for EAM too!

SUNDAY June 12th

On Sunday there is additional time for meetings and presentations until 11:30, if the Saturday morning seems too tight for it. If the situation allows the morning schedule will be replaced by more unofficial program for spending time together.

For those who are not in a hurry to catch an early flight home, there is a big event called Helsinki Day taking over the downtown area. There are free open-air concerts of major Finnish bands and artists and other fun stuff happening. You can find more info at https://helsinkipaiva.fi/en/

For your information, the Hotel Korpilampi does normally not offer meals after breakfast on Sundays. So if you are interested in having lunch at Korpilampi, please let us know before the EAM. For more than 20 people eating they will keep the kitchen open.

Included in the EAM fee are: the program at the Korpilampi hotel from Friday at 16 until Sunday at 12, meeting facilities, two dinners, lunch and afternoon coffee on Saturday, sauna on Friday, party on Saturday.

* The drinks are not included in the EAM meals.

Program may be subject to change.