EAM Pre-Program


Suomenlinna is a beautiful fortress island 15-20 minute boat ride away from Helsinki Market square. It is an UNESCO world heritage site with unique military architecture, walls, tunnels, buildings, hilly landscape and dazzling sceneries to the Baltic sea.
Suomenlinna (or Sveaborg in Swedish) is popular with tourists, but also the locals often go there to enjoy the atmosphere, cafes and especially picnics in the summer.

We will take a boat to the island, have a guided tour tailored to our group, enjoy lunch together at Bastion Bistro and have free time to hit the museums, galleries, souvenir shops or the hills and tunnels.

Remember to wear good walking shoes, as there are rock formations by the water, hills and cobblestone paths to walk on around the island. The tour is not dependent on weather and we will do it even in rain, so pack your rain gear just as well as sunscreen and hats! There is no knowing of the Finnish summer weather until you get here.
Find out more at https://www.suomenlinna.fi/en/

Departure from Korpilampi at 9AM and from Helsinki harbor at 10AM.
Fee from Helsinki adult € 57 / child € 43, from Korpilampi adult € 72 / child € 58. Lunch is included.
Travel time from Korpilampi to Helsinki market square 45 minutes.
Walking time from hotel Helka 22 minutes / 1,7 km.

PORVOO Thursday June 9th

Porvoo is a city to fall in love with. Colorful wooden houses and idyllic cobbled streets make the old town feel like you have walked into a children’s book. The charming shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants treat all your senses.

Once we arrive in Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish) by bus, we will have a guided walking tour around the old town to get insight about the uniqueness of the town.
The lunch is not included in the fee, but we will have a reservation of tables in a restaurant for those that want to eat together. You can also pick another place for lunch, if you see something irresistible on our walking tour. Porvoo has many excellent restaurants to offer.

There will be a few hours of free time to go and explore the city on your own. A hint: the Brunberg chocolate shop is the place to buy souvenirs that you may not need to carry home at all, if they melt in your mouth before you even get back to the airport!

Much like in Suomenlinna, remember to wear good walking shoes, as there are steep hills with cobblestone streets around old Porvoo. The tour is not dependent on weather and we will do it even in rain, so pack your rain gear just as well as sunscreen and hats. There is no knowing of the Finnish summer weather until you get here!
Find out more about Porvoo at https://www.visitporvoo.fi/

Departure from Korpilampi at 9AM and from Helsinki at 9:15AM. Both arrive in Porvoo at 10AM.
Fee from Helsinki adult / child € 40, from Korpilampi adult / child € 50. Lunch not included.


Friday tour is a combination of getting everyone from Helsinki to Korpilampi in Espoo, shaking the dust of the city life and breathing some fresh air in the green of our national treasure – natural forests. Luukki nature trails have a wonderful circle path that winds via 7 different ponds.

We have chosen the upper part of the 7-pond-circle-trail which is about 5-6 kilometers long for those who want to see the variety of pine trees and bedrock, lush green space surrounding you all around, a babbling brook, “the must-pond” and the moss with buckboards (wooden trail) across the wet land. You will be guided by local alumni. People with normal health and condition can do this well.

If you are not up to a 5-6 kilometer hike, you can choose the “tree-huggers trail” from the starting point #2. This is the same 7-pond-trail but going to the other direction towards the other group. You can take your time and enjoy the nature in your own pace and choose how far to go and when to turn back.
Or you can join the alumni guided lesson (or workshop if you will) “Welcome to the Finnish Gold – the green”. We will walk with you into the forest and show you why we are the happiest nation in the world, how to relax, recollect your thoughts and re-energize yourself using the nature around you. We will walk probably 1-2 kilometers during the introduction and tasks and be back to where we started from.

You don’t need to decide which trail option you will be taking until the day of. The registering is the same for both.
The path is easy to walk, mostly solid sand trail (except the moss part), but we recommend good waterproof walking shoes for early June. The trail passes a fireplace where we will all get together at the end of our hikes. You can’t miss it.

Our finishing point is a fireplace by Kaitalampi pond where we will have traditional Finnish outdoors snacks for a light lunch. If you know you get easily very hungry outdoors, please take your own muesli bar or other snack to bite already during the hike.
There is a dock by the fireplace, if you want to go for a swim.

We understand that some of you might not be able to arrive in Finland early enough for the Pre-EAM programs. If you arrive in Korpilampi late for the Luukki shuttles in the morning, the shuttle can pick you up at around 13-13:30 to take you directly to the fireplace. There is a separate registration and fee for this mini-pre-eam-option.

Also If you only want transportation from Helsinki to Korpilampi on Friday morning and will skip the nature trails and fireplace gathering, there is an option for that too in the registration form.

The ONLY departure for EVERYONE from Helsinki to Korpilampi at 9:00AM.
Shuttle Korpilampi-Luukki (6 minutes one way) 10:00-10:40.
Possible late arrivals shuttle Korpilampi-Luukki at 13:30
Shuttle back Luukki-Korpilampi 15:30-16:30.

Suggestions what to bring: Good (waterproof) walking shoes, rain gear, sunscreen/-glasses/hat, water bottle, allergy meds (it may be pollen season), swimwear & towel

Fees: (Choose only one)
Helsinki to Nature trails adult or child € 31
Korpilampi to Nature trails adult or child € 21
Friday arrivals Gathering at fireplace € 20
Only bus ride from Helsinki to Korpilampi € 12

Program in all of the Pre-EAM days may be subject to change, especially for the exact times in the schedule.