Accommodation Pre-EAM

1. Hotel Korpilampi Espoo “the nature choice”

SO, if you want to go easy, stay in the same hotel for the whole visit and enjoy the Finnish nature to the fullest during your whole stay in Finland, Hotel Korpilampi is your place. There is a water park Serena within 400m walk from the hotel, if anyone wants some extra activity nearby, especially for families. Read more at

(Notice that the public transportation connections to Korpilampi are weak so you cannot move around easily if you don’t have a car. There are no other restaurants or services in the area either for evenings. See ’How to get there’ page for more info. )

The Pre-EAM tour buses leave both from the hotel AND from a pointed location in Helsinki downtown every day. The distance from Korpilampi to Helsinki downtown is about 45 minutes and to Porvoo about 15 minutes longer than from Helsinki to Porvoo. Due to extra transportation the Pre-EAM tours are priced differently from Korpilampi or Helsinki.

2. Helsinki city “for more choices on your own”

IF you prefer more doing some self guided sightseeing on your own (or with your friends / family) and having more choices for dinner/evening program, you can also choose to switch hotels on Friday.

In that case, you book a hotel/hostel room of your liking, airbnb or what you want for your accommodation in Helsinki for the Pre-EAM days.
You can catch the tour buses from a designated spot in downtown Helsinki – and on Friday our buses take everyone from downtown Helsinki to the Hotel Korpilampi in the morning.

Our recommendations are:

Hotel Helka is a cosy hotel less than a kilometer (15 minute walk) from the railway station. There is a bar in the lobby of the hotel for social gatherings.
They offer us a discount of 12% of their daily rates as long as there are rooms available. So it depends on the time when you book your room, how much it costs you. The discount is valid pre and post EAM from 3.-15.6.2022. Make the reservations on the website with the reservation code UWP22 or by contacting them directly. 

Scandic Simonkenttä is located 200m from the railway station. There is a large lobby bar, a restaurant and a roof top bar for mingling and hanging out.
Booking code for our allotment is BUWP030622. Fixed prices for standard: 144€ single room / night, 164€ twin room / night, 184 € triple room / night.  Reservations can be made until 20.05.2022 or subject to availability. 

Holiday Inn Helsinki City Center is located right at the railway station. Their Open Lobby offers an area for meeting friends, having coffee, a bite to eat and hanging out.
Price for standard: 154€ single room / night, 174€ twin room / night, 194€ triple room / night. Please book your room through the following link: UWP EAM 2022 or by contacting the hotel directly Phone no: +358 9 54255 000  E-mail: using the allotment code UWP EAM 2022. 

The Yard hostel is a very highly rated hostel about 400m from the railway station. There is a lounge for hanging out in this cozy hostel. No private bathrooms available. See the prices on their website under ‘book now’. No deal available for us. 

Rastila Camping is your thing if you want to stay low with the costs and don’t mind commuting. The most inexpensive cabins are located in East Helsinki and can be reached with a 20 minute metro ride from railway station. Ticket zones AB. Notice that the metro stops going around 23-midnight.

We want to point out already now, that the beginning of June is the very high season for both domestic and international tourists to hit Helsinki and ALL lodging within 100 km will be sold out during the spring every year. So be quick with your booking!