European Alumni Meeting June 10-12, 2022

EAM returning to Finland after 14 years!

“Dear alumni,

As the world is recovering from the 2-year pandemic, the war in Ukraine has shaken us to the core.

The message of UWP is more relevant than ever. Therefore, we see it important not to give up but to continue the preparations for EAM as planned.

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the tEAM.

Let’s gather together in June!

With warm thoughts,

Paula Eronen, Riikka Mero, Lydia Iivonen, Paula Näkki”

The beloved European Up with People alumni meeting has been postponed and forced to online platforms for so long it feels like forever. We are so excited to invite you all to a face-to-face event in our beautiful country in June.  

The theme for our get-together is “Back to basics”. We’re keeping it low key, although lively and fun, letting you enjoy the friends, peer alumni, interesting talks and memorable activities surrounded by pure Finnish nature.  

What can you expect?

If you have more time to spend in Finland but the actual EAM weekend, you can start it with the Pre-EAM days in Helsinki. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (June 8-10) there will be guided tours available that take you deeper into Finnish nature, culture and history. Not necessarily in that order. Or you can explore Helsinki on your own with our “worth seeing” tips. 

On Friday we will gather everyone into a hotel in the middle of a forest in Espoo for the actual EAM weekend. Hotel Korpilampi is located 28 km from downtown Helsinki and 20 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. 

We will have our peace and quiet… wait… perhaps not so quiet with a hundred of alumni on location, but fresh nature around us anyways. Kind of like deluxe camping with the luxury of a hotel, restaurant, bars, saunas, swimming outdoors in the pond or indoors in a pool, walks around the pond, games, party time and more.  

Are you anxious to book your trip already? Why don’t you register right now!

We have a facebook page called Helsinki-Espoo EAM 2022. Besides being a fun page to follow, you will see little glimpses of what you can look forward to in our event and follow conversations of other alumni excited to come to EAM. Subscribe to the FB page to stay tuned!

The tEAM wants everyone to have as fun and COVID-safe EAM as possible. The omicron variant has made previous precautions less effective. Therefore, we will not be requiring a Covid Passport, but we can’t emphasize the importance of each individual taking precautions to participate in a safe manner. You can find more info under “Logistics – Covid Safety”.

All subject to change based on the requirements for safe events in Finland.

Regardless of the covid pandemic, the tEAM is determined to make this EAM a memorable and great event for every participant and we are going ahead with all our volunteer resources and energy! And we will be proud to show the best sides of Finland to all of you who are able to come and be our guests!