Welcome to the European Alumni Meeting (EAM) 2017 website.


The EAM is a yearly gathering of Up with People alumni in Europe.


This year we have an amazing few days scheduled. Next to the official Euro Rep meetings, you have the option to celebrate Kings Day, interact with cast A17 and see the UWP show, visit the Keukenhof / Tulip Fields, Amsterdam and much more.


The official program of the EAM is April 28 - 30. To fully attend this, we recommend arriving at Schiphol airport no later then 16.00 on Friday April 28 and flying out after 16.00 on Sunday April 30.


We have a Pre-EAM program from April 26 -28 and

a post-EAM program from April 30 - May 1

(official free day in most EU countries). To fully

experience the additional program we recommend

arriving Wednesday, April 26 (afternoon) and leaving

Monday, May 1 (afternoon).


We look forward to seeing you here!


The EAM 2017 Team.



If you arrive by air to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can take a 15 minute train ride to Leiden. The station is right underneath the arrivals hall. You will find the departure times and track information displayed on the screens, but generally there are 6-8 trains an hour. The same counts for trains from Amsterdam Central Station, which take about 30 minutes. Once you arrive in Leiden, you could walk for 25 minutes from the station to the hotel (check Google maps for the route - it’s easy!) or take bus 30, 31 or 38 (get off at Ehrenfestweg). If you desire so, taxis can be found in front of the train station.



Due to the crowded King’s Day celebrations in Amsterdam, international trains will not travel to or from Amsterdam Central Station on Thursday. Please check with your train company for alternatives, as they will leave you at Schiphol, Utrecht or Amersfoort. From there you can take regular trains to Leiden or Amsterdam Central.



You can easily figure out all your transport needs in The Netherlands through this website. We strongly encourage you to install their app on your phone. Click here to do so.



Please find the daily schedule for the EAM activities here and the agenda here. (previous minutes are here)

If you booked pre- or post-EAM activities, you will find all you need to know conveniently tucked away in your registration package upon arrival in the hotel.